Mystery Bag-90” Mega PLUSH Lux


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These will sell out! So get yours now!! We make our blankets just before the mystery bag show, so there won’t be extras! No discounts allowed on mystery boxes. We are so excited for this!  If you don't love surprises, then this isn't for you!  If you do, THEN DON'T MISS THIS! All Mystery Minky Boxes will be revealed on our Live Show February 2024. No refunds or exchanges on mystery boxes. CHECK OUT OUR BAG DETAILS BELOW!

We saved a roll of of our exclusive neon pink washed Kodi, lemon drop Kodi, Carolina blue washed Kodi and Elderberry Washed Kodi plus! New Wander Fabric, Fusion Bunny and so much more for this show! 

--ALL Bags will contain a  minimum of

MEGA SIZE-60X90 or $219 Value Blanket or higher

THE MORE BAGS WE SELL THE MORE PRIZES WILL BE ADDED! Every 100 bags will have a minimum of iPad, AirPods, Nintendo switch! So 200 bags there will be 2 of each!

ALL NEW BLANKETS-We saved 1 roll of Neon Pink Washed Kodi and 1 roll of Lemon Drop Kodi for this show! So your blanket may contain one of these fabrics!

You may win a bag with your choice of blanket or be the first to custom our new exclusives!

AND all boxes will have an additional surprise gift  valued at $15 OR MORE!! 


Some bags will contain AirPods, iPads, designer bags,  Nintendo switch or similar valued items.

--BAGS MAY CONTAIN NMC MADE, bags, pillows, clothes, stuffed animals, squish socks, headbands, Minky slides, etc.